Jewelry Design Series: The Wrought Collection

June 23, 2020

I created the first design for the Wrought Collection back in 2008. 

I was taking a filing and piercing class and failing miserably. Literally-- getting Ds and Fs on my projects. I felt like a failure. (Spoiler alert: this story has a happy ending)

I finally realized during the last week of torturous filing that everyone has something that could keep them from being great at what they do.

The real truth is that the ones who succeed are the ones who don't give up.

On the last day I proudly handed this ring over to my teacher. It represents over 20 hours of work.

A smile slowly formed as he turned it over and over in his hand. He pointed out the mistakes and I nodded in agreement. Then he said, "This is some really good work" as he leaned over and wrote in his book: "A." 

And the Wrought collection was born.

The original design is inspired by the wrought iron I see during my walks around New York City.

I wanted to make something infinitely timeless but not boring.

My professor's positive reaction hit home and I got to work making more pieces in the collection.


The Flatiron building is one of my favorites in the New York City, and the beading around the bezels in the Wrought pieces are taken from the the details found at the top of the FlatIron.

Over the years, the collection has become an iconic representation of my brand. It's filled with gemstone jewelry and unique, NYC inspired engagement rings. 

It embraces the "modern vintage" feel of my work, creating classic heirlooms that are different from everything else out there.

The Wrought collection stands for individuality and beauty in the details. 


Here in NYC there are lots of exquisite examples of wrought iron.

With twists & turns, swirls & scrolls-- wrought iron makes beauty out of the ordinary.


I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about how my Wrought collection was born.

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