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Stephanie Maslow Blackman started Metalicious when she left her corporate job in 1995, being pulled away by a whisper in her ear about a more creative space that she belonged in.

Itching to create things with her hands, she took herself to the local art school thinking she would enroll in a pottery class. Unsure of what to do next when she discovered the class had closed, she turned to metalsmithing instead where she hammered her heart out and has never looked back. She still uses a tin can that she forged out of copper on her jewelry bench to this very day, reminding her how close she came to missing out on her true calling as a jewelry maker.

Stephanie’s designs have since sold all over the world, working with teams overseas as well as teams in the US in the areas of design, merchandising, product development, pricing, manufacturing, and sourcing. She is a proud jewelry nerd and now the CEO of Metalicious, which she founded in 2005. She has found true contentment in creating beautiful jewelry that brings joy to her customers, represents life’s most important personal moments, and that makes people feel loved.

Inspiring Values

About Metalicious

Metalicious is first and foremost an ethical jewelry brand with a commitment to recycled materials and ethically-sourced gemstones in all pieces. We use the greenest practices possible in running our business and try to leave as small a footprint as we can with the hopes of setting a positive example for generations to come and the future we’re trying to create for them.

All materials that we use are sourced from companies that we trust, which are mainly small-batch, family-owned casters and metalsmiths who adhere to our strict environmental and sustainability standards. We only work with gemstone cutters from the American Gem Trade Association because they have developed the industry’s strictest and most comprehensive Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practices. We handcraft every piece in NYC and we are committed to supporting the local economy and recognize that our costs enable us to pay fair wages to our employees. We believe in giving back to our community and donate a portion of our profits to City Harvest, a local non-profit organization that provides meals to over 1.4 million New Yorkers a year.

We burst with pride every day that we realize we get to create timeless jewelry, especially custom creations, that serve as heirloom pieces within families without compromising on our values.

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Our Philosophy:

We are proud creators of jewelry that’s beautiful and conscientious. We’re aware that diamonds have always been synonymous with luxury, but they’re not always the most ethical option. This is something we are not willing to compromise on. Diamond mining more often than not includes poor working conditions, mistreatment of labor, and violence. If we’re going to market ourselves as an honorable brand, the principles have to translate across all aspects of our business. We source stunning ethically-sourced gemstones from trusted partners and our customers have come to love both the pieces they purchase and the manner in which they were created.


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We’ve been a team for so long, led by a hugely creative mind with years of experience to guide us — it would be a waste if we didn’t share this with you! Our blog is home to interesting and inspirational pieces about birthstones, trends, and more.


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We absolutely love collaborative work. Work with Stephanie and the Metalicious team to create your own custom design, learn how to make your own jewelry, make jewelry using our DIY jewelry kits, or hire us to consult — we’d be thrilled to work with you!

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