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Sustainably-Sourced & Ethically-Made

Metalicious is home to unique handmade jewelry that will add an elevated bohemian element to your overall look and a special, heirloom-quality piece to your jewelry box. Browse our range of alternative bridal jewelry to mark your union in the most impactful way or head over to our other collections for eclectic, stand-out rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

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Metalicious is for the curious and the conscientious. It’s for those that are mindful of their impact on their environment but don’t want to compromise on their individual sense of spirited style. We hand-make unique pieces of jewelry from recycled fine metals and ethically-mined gemstones from partners that we trust. We don’t typically use diamonds and feel strongly that the stones that we use create the same feeling of romance and have similar ‘one-of-a-kind’ properties, without the impact on the Earth and the people that live on it.

Our founder, Stephanie, is an experienced artisan with over two decades of jewelry-making experience. Our New York City-based team pours their hearts into each piece we create and have a passion for beautiful jewelry that makes a statement and makes people feel loved.


Sustainable & Ethical

We’re conscious about the environment and how we impact it, while still making beautiful jewelry for like-minded customers.

Joyful & Timeless

Our jewelry is handcrafted, no two are the same. Custom jewelry from us means creating something one-of-a-kind for you and only you.

Unique & Artful

When you buy or commission a piece from Metalicious, you’re purchasing a piece of joy that will stand the test of time.


Special Occasions & People

Whether you’re looking to spoil your bridesmaids or want to treat a special mom-to-be, our jewelry is perfect for marking memorable occasions and letting our nearest and dearest know how much we love them. This is jewelry gifted to them in a moment, but made to last a lifetime.

Make It Truly Yours:


Let us be a part of your journey by creating a unique, handmade piece of jewelry that you’ve designed. This is the most meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one or to yourself, bringing your own visions to life in the form of a piece of jewelry that won’t be found elsewhere.

Our custom jewelry process is collaborative but seamless, and our team will work tirelessly until you have the piece you envisioned. You can choose your own metal, stone, and style and we’ll be available to guide you every step of the way.

To see what inspires us, what could possibly inspire you, and for the latest news in the Metalicious studio, follow us on social media.


It was great to have a ring from a New York based artist — we lived for awhile in Rhinebeck, NY and have a great memories of our time there. I finally asked Shannon and she said yes (which is awesome!)

— Joel & Shannon

It was a very special moment asking her to marry me, she saying yes, and giving her the ring! You helped made that happen, and I am very grateful! I will certainly come back to when I need to get her some things. Thank you again!

— Samuel

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for making a ring that is beautiful and unique yet simple all at the same time, which is what I always wanted. I'm impressed (my fiancé) picked this out all on his own, he said as soon as he saw it he knew it was the one for me. I continuously get compliments on it, people are always saying it looks like a timeless family heirloom ring passed down. Thank you again!

— Rebecca

STEPHANIE!!!! My ring is S.U.P.E.R G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!! OMG!!! I SO LOVE IT!!! I'm trying to describe how beautiful it is but it's beyond words! So, here's photo instead. THANKS SO MUCH, STEPHANIE!!! PS: I WILL be back ;-)

— Tina