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Can I have my own metal melted down and reused in one of your pieces?

For custom work, we can melt your old jewelry at our refiners, but we cannot use this scrap metal in your new jewelry. We will be able to put the credit towards your new piece of jewelry. 

No, we cannot use your metal in our jewelry. The metal we use is 100% recycled because we only work with refiners who have the capability to refine scrap metal.

Can I use my own stones in a custom piece? Will you set my Stone?

Yes, we can work with your gemstones in custom designs. Please be aware that there is a chance that your stone will break in the process of setting and Metalicious is not liable for loss and breakage. Please contact us to discuss your custom design.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a lab created gemstone that is completely conflict-free and a great alternative to diamonds. Moissanite is near colorless, it is rated a 9.25 out of 10 on the MOHS scale of hardness and it is more brilliant than a diamond which means you can see the sparkle from across the room. Click here to see our moissanite styles.

Responsibly sourced gemstones & metals

We care about the Earth, and want to make sure our resources stay around for future generations so we follow best practices for making jewelry in a careful and responsible way.

We only use 100% recycled metals. Period.

We work with carefully selected gemstone cutters and suppliers who are committed to ethical business practices and responsible mining and conflict-free sourcing.

We are members of the Ethical Metalsmiths group.

In everything we do from our packaging to our copy paper, we consider the earth and choose the most sustainable and low impact sources in every way we can.

Learn more about why we prefer to work with diamond alternatives.

Do you offer certificates or appraisals with your jewelry?

We can offer that to you at an additional cost and will add 2 weeks to your delivery time. Most appraisals start at $200. Please contact us if you want your piece appraised.

Returns & Exchanges

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, most non-custom items may be returned for a refund or exchanged within 30 days of receipt. Jewelry must be in original un-worn condition and returned in original packaging. Returns and exchanges of bands and engagement rings will be charged a 25% restocking fee. We are not responsible for tangled chains but will untangle your chain for a fee. Please contact us.

The following items cannot be returned for a refund or exchange:

Custom pieces or custom variations
Customized sizes
Engraved pieces
How do I know my ring size?

You can measure the circumference of your finger, using the chart below to determine the size. Ideally have a jeweler measure your finger, or ask us to send you disposable ring sizers.

It is very important that you measure your finger several times on different days, and at different times of day. Finger sizes can change over time as well so if you were sized over 2 months ago you need to get re-sized.

Once you have the circumference, either in inches or millimeters, find the length on the chart below and match it with the ring size you need.

Care of Jewelry

Keep your jewelry in a clean, dry place such as a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrapped in a soft piece of cloth. Store pieces individually so they do not scratch one another and keep away from direct exposure to sunlight and air.
Avoid bringing jewelry into contact with perfume, hairspray or harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. It is best to put jewelry on last while getting dressed and to remove while washing hands, swimming, or engaging in other strenuous activity. It’s not recommended to wear your gemstone jewelry around heat (stoves, ovens, saunas, etc) as it can permanently damage your gemstones.

Over time, silver, and to a lesser extent, gold, will tarnish with exposure to air, chemicals, and oils in the skin. Pieces are best cleaned using a soft cotton cloth or felt with mild, non-abrasive soap and warm water. Be very careful not to dislodge any stones or wires. Rinse pieces thoroughly and allow to air dry completely before storing. For best results, clean pieces periodically and handle with care.

Over time matte jewelry burnishes with wear. It can be re-matted by rubbing with a paste of baking soda and water, or gently brushing with a green 3M scrub pad but be careful not to rub over any stones or pearls. Blackened silver gradually fades with wear. While many people appreciate the unique patina, I can re-oxidize your piece for the cost of shipping.

Note: Do not use tissue paper or paper towel for cleaning, as their fibers can result in scratching. Do not use commercial cleaners on your jewelry. Use soap and water and a soft cloth.








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