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Redesign and Repurpose

Redesign and Repurpose

Do you have a ring or necklace that you love, but you want to re-work it into something new? Or do you have a piece that you no longer like, but want to use the stone for a new design?

There are a couple of options, I can take the piece of jewelry that you love, take the stone out and replace it with another of the same size. I work on a piece by piece basis since I might not always be able to remove the stone and keep the setting intact. Please get in touch with a photo of the piece you have and we can chat about options.

Or, if you have a piece of jewelry that you are no longer in love with, I can take the stone out and I can send your settings to my refiner to use as a metal credit towards your new piece of jewelry, or I can return the setting to you, whatever you like. If you choose to get the credit I will apply it towards your finished piece that we design together. Please note: I can't use the same metal in your new piece. Please go to Start With a Gemstone for more information on this option.

Here's how I made a ring using a tanzanite and diamonds that I removed from the customer's old ring.

Designing a Tanzanite Ring
Designing ear climbers from a ring

Here is an example of a pair of earrings that I designed using the customers diamonds from a ring that she inherited. I added two Canadian diamonds to compliment the shapes of her diamonds and we created these stunning gold and diamond ear climbers

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Design from scratch
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