Redesign and Repurpose

Redesign and Repurpose

Do you have a ring or necklace that you love, but you want to re-work it into something new? Or do you have a piece that you no longer like, but want to use the stone for a new design?

There are a couple of options, I can take the piece of jewelry that you love, take the stone out and replace it with another of the same size. I work on a piece by piece basis since I might not always be able to remove the stone and keep the setting intact. Please get in touch with a photo of the piece you have and we can chat about options.

Or, if you have a piece of jewelry that you are no longer in love with, I can take the stone out and I can send your settings to my refiner to use as a metal credit towards your new piece of jewelry, or I can return the setting to you, whatever you like. If you choose to get the credit I will apply it towards your finished piece that we design together. Please note: I can't use the same metal in your new piece. Please go to Start With a Gemstone for more information on this option.

How do you know if you can redesign my jewelry?

The first step is for me to take a look at your original piece of jewelry. I will have you email me several pictures of it so I can take an initial look at what I will be working with. I check the images closely to see if there are any scratches, chips, or other damage that could affect the redesign process. If the gemstones look safe to use then we can move forward with the design process!

The Design Process:

We start off with a 30-45 minute long phone or video consultation. It will all be done with me, Stephanie. No middle-man here, you will be working directly with the owner, designer, and metalsmith during this whole process.

During our initial consultation we will have a get-to-know-you session so I can find out what design elements you like, what message you are trying to convey, what meaning you want the redesigned piece to hold, and which of my pieces or collections you like that we can use for jewelry design inspiration. Once I have an idea of the design you would like we can discuss pricing.

The rate will vary widely depending on the piece I am creating. On the lower end for smaller pieces like a very simple ring or pendant, our prices start at $800 for sterling silver. The price increases for jewelry and wedding ring sets with multiple stones and more expensive metals, like gold and platinum. These pieces start at $5,000. Once we agree on the design, I will create a model of the piece and email you photos for approval. This is a fully 3-dimensional sample of what your finished piece will look like. I will send you updates as I design so I can get your feedback and make any tweaks and adjustments you might like. That’s the fun part, we stay in touch throughout the process!

Once the design is complete, I begin making the final piece of fine jewelry!

Here's how I made a ring using a tanzanite and diamonds that I removed from the customer's old ring.

Designing a Tanzanite Ring

Creating the Jewelry

The first step is for me to create a wax or metal model that I will use to cast your jewelry from. I personally make adjustments to the model - so you know it will be made with love!

The model is then used to create a mold, which can be used over and over again so you can make more than one if you choose. From that mold we create a wax tree for casting into the fine metal of your choice. Unfortunately, I cannot re-use the metal from your original piece. As an option, I can take the metal from your original jewelry and give you a credit that goes towards the final price of your piece. Your metal will be sent to a local refinery, Hoover and Strong, where it will be melted down and mixed with other metals that will go into your final piece.

We then use a local, family owned casting company here in NYC to cast the final piece. I have been working with them for over 20 years and trust them completely to create fine metal castings.

Once I have the new piece from the casters it’s time to clean it up, solder on parts if needed and then remount your original stone. I carefully remove the stone from the original piece, steam clean, and polish it. If I notice any scratches or chips we can always recut it with your permission for an additional fee. Then the stone is placed into the new piece which is then polished to perfection!

Here are some of our final results from past redesigns:

Designing ear climbers from a ring

Here is an example of a pair of earrings that I designed using the customers diamonds from a ring that she inherited. I added two Canadian diamonds to compliment the shapes of her diamonds and we created these stunning gold and diamond ear climbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reuse my metal?
Due to our process we cannot use only your metal. BUT, we will accept it and give you a credit towards your new piece!

How much will the redesign cost?
The cost varies depending on what kind of pieces I am making. On the lower end for smaller pieces like a very simple ring or pendant, it can cost around $700-1,000 in sterling silver. The price increases for jewelry and wedding ring sets with multiple stones and more expensive metals, like gold and platinum. These pieces start at $5,000.

How long will the process take?
Our initial consultation will take around 30 minutes, and the entire design process will take 2-4 weeks depending on how many revisions we make. It will take 3 weeks for your metal to be processed by the refiner, and making the model, castings, settings, etc. will take about 8-10 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece.

What if something goes wrong with my old piece?
I won’t accept pieces if the stone is chipped beyond fixing, but once I look at the stone I can spot any possible issues and make suggestions on how to work around it. We have never broken nor had any issues with stones in the past!

Why work with Metalicious?
One of the most exceptional aspects of working with Metalicious is that we are a small business. We understand the heart and care that goes into your pieces, and you will get a one-on-one consultation with the designer and maker who will communicate and be transparent with you throughout the entire process. We only use recycled metal and ethically sourced stones, and the final product is entirely unique and of the highest quality!

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