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About Stephanie Maslow Blackman

In 1995 I was in a boring job and was desperate for a creative challenge where I could use my hands. I took myself to the local art school but the pottery class I was interested in was closed. Hmm. The only thing left was a metalsmithing class. So I hammered my heart out and have never looked back. I still have what looks like a tin can that I forged from copper, sitting on my jewelry bench. It reminds me how close I came to missing out on my true calling as a jeweler. You won’t find anything mass produced here, it all comes from my heart.

Over the years I've worked for large manufacturers and my designs have sold all over the world. I have worked with teams overseas as well as here in the US in the areas of design, merchandising, product development, pricing, manufacturing and sourcing. I love all aspects of the jewelry industry and like to think of myself as a Jewelry Nerd.

Today I’m the CEO of, my online NYC-based fine jewelry business that I started in 2005. I am a wife, mom of 2 boys, red-haired, loud laughing metalsmith. I’m so thankful every day to be able to do what I love to support my family. Jewelry is my true passion, I love creating things that bring joy to people, that represent milestones, that make people feel loved. Like tiny works of wearable art you will treasure for a very long time.

Our environment is very important to me so I use recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones in all of my work. I also use green practices in running my business as much as possible. I’d like to leave behind as small a footprint as I can and hope to be a positive example for my kids for a better future.

Please CONTACT ME with any questions you have, I’m more than happy to work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams.

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