The Origin of Spring

October 15, 2020

The ground begins to tremble beneath your feet. You stumble backwards as the earth cracks and crumbles away, revealing a crevasse that opens into nothing but darkness.

You hear sloshing water and unearthly moans ringing up from the depths of the pit, sending shivers up your spine and fear into your heart. You want to run away but instead-- you are unable to move.

Steps begin to echo from below, growing closer and closer to the surface. There is a glint, a glimmer, and you realize it's sunlight against the depths of someone's eyes. You begin to see a shape forming out of the darkness, and a woman steps out onto the earth in front of you. All of a sudden the earth wakes up, vines grow around her, flowers sprout up with each step she takes. 

Her beauty is captivating-- her warm, dark eyes exude love and joy, yet also deep longing and pain. Her dark, wispy curls are barely contained in a soft braid that is woven through with a bounty of fresh roses. Her purple robe reveals her fleshy midriff and flows around her full hips. 

In her hand she holds a ripe pomegranate-- that represents the fruit that bonded her to Hades when she ate the seeds. She appears tired but full of grit and determination.

It is Persephone, goddess of fertility and the underworld.




Her hand drops out towards you, as if weighed down by the ring upon it. Her eyes seem so cold but as she gets close to you there is a certain warmth radiating from her spirit, "Take my hand and my gifts, and I shall save you from dread, sickness, protect you from earthly harm, and help you find love where you would least expect it."


You look down at her hand, will you take it?


Persephone Jewelry