Behold: The Goddess Collection!

November 22, 2020

The Rockstars have spoken - the Goddess collection is a hit! Thank you so much for all of the amazing support and feedback. It means the world to me!


I have already shown off the Goddess pieces and sets individually, but today I wanted to showcase the entire collection in one post. Which of them speaks to you the most?




Aphrodite artwork


The ripples across the water grow stronger and stronger, and they grow into waves that caress and unfurl across the shore. The waves conjure up bubbles against the beach froth and foam until, suddenly, a form rises up from the maelstrom.

An unendingly gorgeous, voluptuous figure emerges and takes small steps on the shore, slowly and steadily and almost daintily as if every footfall leaves behind something precious. Soft, gauzy fabric swirls around her body and hugs every single curve.

It is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Accept her gifts and she can bring you lust, bless you with children, and grant you your true love.


Aphrodite Jewelry Set




Artemis Artwork


A rustling sound comes from within the forest that could just be the wind, or just your imagination? All at once, the branches sway aside to reveal a large set of antlers poking out from behind the brush. You hear a low snort, and then a stag emerges from the woods. On its back is a stunning raven-haired maiden with skin that glows like marble. 

The woman gracefully launches herself off the deer like a gymnast to stand before you. Strips of silvery linen artfully wrap around her body, accentuating her musculature. A hunting bow rests against her back.

It is Artemis, goddess of the hunt and protector of young women. 

Accept her offerings and she can grant you protection as a fellow woman, love for animals, and safety in childbirth.


Artemis Jewelry Set




Athena Artwork


A screech echoes out from the forest. An owl swoops and dives towards the ground until, as suddenly as it appeared, it vanishes.

In its place stands a tall figure: a striking woman with dewy skin and silver armor that accentuates her slim waist. Her fist is elegantly clasped around a golden spear. Her intelligent, inquisitive eyes fixate on you. Her irises are a deep gray, and the color swims with whispers of secrets and knowledge you can hardly resist yearning for. 

It is Athena, goddess of war and wisdom.

Accept her offerings and you will be granted strength, courage, knowledge, and justice.


Athena Jewelry Set




Gaia Jewelry Set


You feel a warmth spreading up from the ground and into your body. It fills you with love, surrounds your heart and lights you up from the top of your head to your tip-toes. 

As the sultry sun hits the ground a mist begins to manifest in front of you. A voluptuous figure starts to emerge. This golden-skinned woman, with hair the color of fertile earth, smiles down at you as she clutches a bountiful bouquet of wildflowers to her breast. Birds twitter and flit around her, and green grass begins creeping out from the ground where she stands.

It is Gaia, mother of creation and goddess of the earth.

Accept her gifts and you will be granted bounty, great life energies, and the power of nature.


Gaia Jewelry Set




Hera Artwork


You begin to feel a tingling in your finger tips. Your heartbeat quickens, and you feel a rising sensation in your chest and an electrical energy charges the air. You can feel a powerful force is coming.

A bird cry pierces the energy in the air from behind you and you spin around to see a large peacock fanning it's majestic feathers before you. He raises his sapphire blue head and gives you an intimidating glance before he lowers his tail and steps aside, revealing a stately woman. Her chiseled chin is held high and she takes you in with an air of status. A bejeweled crown on her head and rich silk robes tell you she is of the highest order.

It is Hera, queen of the heavens and the gods.

Accept her heavenly gifts, and you will be granted protection of your home and family, promised a happy marriage, and constant love.


Hera Jewelry Set




Persephone Artwork


Steps begin to echo from below, growing closer and closer to the surface. There is a glint, a glimmer, and you realize it's sunlight against the depths of someone's eyes. You begin to see a shape forming out of the darkness, and a woman steps out onto the earth in front of you. All of a sudden the earth wakes up, vines grow around her, flowers sprout up with each step she takes. 

Her beauty is captivating-- her warm, dark eyes exude love and joy, yet also deep longing and pain. Her dark, wispy curls are barely contained in a soft braid that is woven through with a bounty of fresh roses. Her purple robe reveals her fleshy midriff and flows around her full hips. 

In her hand she holds a ripe pomegranate-- that represents the fruit that bonded her to Hades when she ate the seeds. She appears tired but full of grit and determination.

It is Persephone, goddess of fertility and the underworld.

Take her gifts and you shall be saved from dread, sickness, be protected from earthly harm, and will find love where you would least expect it.


Persephone Jewelry Set




Selene Artwork


A glow comes peaking out from along the horizon, shimmering and pulsating with a soft white light. A slight patter of hooves is coming from the distance, and from that glow emerges a gleaming white stallion trotting towards you with a shimmering woman upon its back.

The woman glides off from her steed, her long navy blue dress flowing around her and a moon shaped crown adorning her head. Long braids travel down her shoulders, like a waterfall down her back.

It is Selene, goddess of the moon.

Accept her offerings and she will bestow you with light, balance, and bring great changes.


Selene Jewelry Set





So which set is your favorite? Any other goddesses you would love to see? Let me know in the comments!



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