Announcing our new collection!

April 16, 2018

I'm so happy to announce that my new collection is live! If you've been following along on my blog series, you will have read what goes into creating a collection from start to finish.

The Brontë Collection is inspired by the Brontë sisters, which might give you a hint as to how I’m approaching this collection. There will be three distinct personalities, but they all have a design that unifies them, just like the sisters. I’ve loved their work since I was a teenager, full of angst and passion and drama. Plus there’s a kind of precision to a Victorian novel filled with details, like a collection of someone’s thoughts, that always appeals to me. For me, the Brontë sisters are an inspiration, they were powerful women, way ahead of their time. They are an inspiration to us in this day and age and they are proof that we can achieve anything, even in the face of diversity. I may well be adding more to the collection, but for now, I want to introduce you to the rings and earrings that make up the start of the collection.

Emily Ring 


The Emily Ring holds a 7mm cushion gemstone, in the photo we used a gorgeous pink morganite paired with 14k rose gold. The elements around the side encase the bezel and the ring shank is tapered at the ends. Like a crown, the Emily ring will give you a feeling of being a princess.

Charlotte Ring


Charlotte penned Jane Eyre, and what better way to pay homage to her than with a 7x5mm oval Kunzite. Created in sterling silver, the ring has a double band and decorative element that draws your eye to the main character - the beautiful stone!

Ann Ring


Perhaps the least known of the three sisters, the Ann ring has a lot of drama going on. Cast in 14k yellow gold, the 7x5mm emerald cut white topaz brings a sense of class and sophistication to the collection. It's classic with a twist, the decorative element on this ring has a bold design flanking the large gemstone.

Brontë Earrings


These earrings will become your new everyday earrings. They have a 5mm cushion Swiss Blue Topaz set with the same bezel as the Emily ring, only smaller. They make a great matching set. I hope you like the new collection, please do leave me a comment below and let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for different stones and metal combinations!

“I have for the first time found what I can truly love–I have found you. You are my sympathy–my better self–my good angel–I am bound to you with a strong attachment.” C Brontë, Jane Eyre



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