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White Gold Non Diamond Asscher Cut Engagement Ring


This solid 14k palladium white gold ring is rock star quality. I make this ring to look like a real diamond but without the consequences. It's bling with a conscience. Not for the faint of heart- you know who you are, hot stuff. You do things on your own terms, your way, and no one can tell you otherwise. I made this ring for you, you get me? This is faceted, modern metal. I use the same techniques a stone cutter uses and the real thing would be 2 1/2 carats. The asscher cut is a faceted square cut with a high crown so you'll get some serious shine. I use palladium white gold because it's a truer white color than traditional white gold. There's no need for rhodium plating, it's a very white metal naturally. I exclusively use 100% recycled metals to create the smallest footprint with my jewelry as possible. Handcrafted in our NYC studio, this ring will take about 5 weeks to make. Please select your ring size from the drop down menu.

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