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Adore gemstone stack ring set


Blue and pink sapphires and purple amethyst gems glitter in these recycled sterling silver stack rings. These are beautiful bands and go great together or as guard rings on either side of one of my engagement rings. The possibilities are endless to mix and match them! These rings each have (6) 2mm round gemstones set into low bezels and won't catch on things and are smooth to the touch. They are completely designed by me so you won't see anything else like them, each one is handcrafted in my NYC studio. Not sure of your ring size? Order our ring sizing kit here! My work is created in 100% recycled metals and ethically sourced and lab created gemstones, it's very important to me that I use as little of the earth's resources as possible.

We believe luxury can be both beautiful and conscientious, so we use moissanite gemstones by Charles & Colvard as a unique diamond alternative. Charles & Colvard use innovative technology and sustainable practices to deliver a brilliant product at an extraordinary value balanced with environmental and social responsibility. Their moissanite is unparalleled in quality and brilliance and we are proud to use moissanites in our jewelry.