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Emerald Bezel Necklace, Wrought Sterling Silver


I hand carved this sterling silver bezel and put tiny beads all around it to give it an antique feel. It has a shiny finish. Then I set a 7mm imitation emerald, a gorgeous deep green color and strung it onto a sterling link chain for a sophisticated touch. This necklace is stunning and slides on a sterling link chain.

NEW! We proudly offer 2 lengths of chains that are adjustable! They are still made from solid recycled sterling silver. Each chain has a ring at each of the 3 lengths listed so you can wear your necklace at whichever length you'd like. Please select either (16"- 17"- 18"), or (20"- 21" -22") from the drop-down menu. 

Emerald is the May birthstone and is said to promote luck and wealth to it's wearer. This is a unique piece since it was carved with my hands, this is not a mass manufactured bezel. Everything is made in my NY studio by me.