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5 Stone Topaz Ring, Harmony Ring


This oxidized 5 stone white topaz ring has a textured, blackened look to it. Cast as one piece into recycled sterling silver, the wide band makes it look like multiple silver stacking rings with the comfort of wearing one wide band. The number 5 symbolizes harmony and balance so I created this ring to have 5 gemstones. Each band is unique separately but together they work in harmony. Topaz is the December birthstone and is said to promote healing and increase strength. Wear this ring as a talisman of Harmony in your life. Made to order in sizes 5-10, please select your ring size from the drop down menu. This is a wide band so please make sure you are sized for a wide band, not a regular ring. Each ring is handmade in our NYC studio and will take about 4 weeks to craft for you. Not sure of your ring size? Order our ring sizing kit here!