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Silver Swirl Bangle Bracelet, Water Dream


A swirly oxidized sterling silver ring that's perfect for layering, or for a bit of flare on the wrist. The inspiration for this bangle is the ever-changing patterns of water. Designed by me and cast into recycled sterling silver, this is a gorgeous bangle that you'll wear with everything! This is a flowing, nature inspired bangle, completely designed by me so you won't see anything else like it. Each one is handcrafted and made to order in our NYC studio. Inspired by water, here's an excerpt from Water Night by Octavio Paz: Night with the eyes of a horse that trembles in the night, Night with eyes of water in the field asleep Is in your eyes, a horse that trembles, Is in your eyes of secret water. Eyes of shadow-water, Eyes of well-water, Eyes of dream-water.