We Don’t Do Diamonds

We Make Jewelry That's Beautiful and Conscientious

While diamonds have always been known as a luxurious and special gem, they are not always an ethical option. Diamond mining often includes poor working conditions, harsh labor, and violence, which is why we choose to not use diamonds on our jewelry. Stephanie, the lead jeweler and metalsmith at Metalicious, wanted to create jewelry that was not only beautiful, but also ethical and conscientious. Along with the recycled metal that we use for our jewelry, we also use a variety of gemstones that are ethically sourced.

At Metalicious, we work hard to provide a variety of beautiful jewelry while sticking to our environmental, sustainability, and ethical standards. Learn more about the gemstones we offer as alternatives to diamonds and shop our collections of jewelry today!

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Our Diamond Alternative

Instead of diamonds, we use moissanite gemstones. Moissanite gemstones offer that same brilliant and stunning look that diamonds offer but is a more ethical option. These use innovative technology and sustainable practices to deliver a brilliant product at an extraordinary value balanced with environmental and social responsibility.

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

At Metalicious, we also work with the American Gem Trade Association for all of our gemstones. Because of the strict and comprehensive Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practices, we only work with gem cutters from the AGTA. Members of the AGTA invest in the communities that produce gemstones, support those whose lives have been impacted by the gem trade, and work to improve labor conditions.

We make sure to always work with suppliers who use ethical practices, so that we can create beautiful jewelry that doesn’t go against our standards. We offer a variety of beautiful gemstones to choose from, including emeralds, rubies, blue topaz, moonstone, and more. You can shop our collections of jewelry by the gemstone you are looking for!

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Benefits of Moissanite:

  • It is created in a lab, which means it doesn’t involve mining and has a low environmental impact
  • It is more affordable per carat than other gemstones
  • With a hardness level of 9.25, it is a great option for everyday wear
  • They offer a beautiful brilliance and stunning quality
  • A unique and ethical alternative to diamonds that you can feel good about

We care about using sustainable and ethical material to create our beautiful and unique jewelry. Our team believes that you can enjoy luxury and high-end jewelry without sacrificing these important values. We make sure to find ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals to create our works of art. If you are looking for an ethical and sustainable jewelry company to create your jewelry, Metalicious is a great choice!

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At Metalicious, we work hard to create jewelry that is made with ethically sourced material, recycled metals, and diamond alternatives. Our goal is to add beauty without negatively impacting the world around us. When you add one of our pieces to your own collection of jewelry, you can feel good about wearing it. We thank you for supporting our ethical jewelry business and are proud to provide conscientious jewelry. Shop our collections now and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have!