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Jewelry Care

Care of Jewelry:

Keep your jewelry in a clean, dry place such as a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrapped in a soft piece of cloth.

Store pieces individually so they do not scratch one another and keep away from direct exposure to sunlight and air.

Avoid bringing jewelry into contact with perfume, hairspray or harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. It is best to put jewelry on last while getting dressed and to remove while washing hands, performing housework, swimming, or engaging in other strenuous activity.

Over time, silver, and to a lesser extent, gold, will tarnish with exposure to air, chemicals, and oils in the skin. Pieces are best cleaned using a soft cotton cloth or felt with mild, non-abrasive soap and warm water. Be very careful not to dislodge any stones or wires. Rinse pieces thoroughly and allow to air dry completely before storing. For best results, clean pieces periodically and handle with care.

You can find more tips on cleaning your jewelry, using the Metalicious organic jewelry cleaner on our YouTube channel.


Note: Do not use tissue paper or paper towel for cleaning, as their fibers can result in scratching. Be cautious if using commercial cleaners, as many can cause damage to certain semi-precious stones.

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