MetaliciousJewelry Products Free Feed for Facebook by Keeping Shop - The Developers of Pixel Perfect and Cross Sell - v1.0 shopify_637162979385 vendor-unknown new 637162979385 in stock Earrings 120.00USD shopify_637036298297 vendor-unknown new 637036298297 in stock Monogram 840.00USD shopify_636960800825 vendor-unknown new 636960800825 in stock Earrings 180.00USD shopify_1421325566009 MetaliciousJewelry new 1421325566009 in stock Rings 1,061.00USD shopify_637140893753 vendor-unknown new 637140893753 in stock Bridal Sets 1,640.00USD shopify_1752787058745 vendor-unknown new 1752787058745 in stock Monogram 580.00USD shopify_1216915832889 MetaliciousJewelry new 1216915832889 in stock Rings 1,040.00USD shopify_637034627129 vendor-unknown new 637034627129 in stock Engagement Rings 590.00USD shopify_637099933753 vendor-unknown new 637099933753 in stock Women's Wedding Bands 400.00USD shopify_637100720185 vendor-unknown new 637100720185 in stock Women's Wedding Bands 400.00USD 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7.00USD shopify_636961259577 vendor-unknown new 636961259577 in stock Bridal Sets 1,060.00USD shopify_637132603449 vendor-unknown new 637132603449 in stock Women's Wedding Bands 980.00USD shopify_637038755897 vendor-unknown new 637038755897 in stock Monogram 620.00USD shopify_637116579897 vendor-unknown new 637116579897 in stock Pirouette 980.00USD shopify_637115695161 vendor-unknown new 637115695161 in stock Pirouette 980.00USD shopify_637144924217 vendor-unknown new 637144924217 in stock Bridal Sets 720.00USD shopify_637042753593 vendor-unknown new 637042753593 in stock Women's Wedding Bands 680.00USD shopify_637047013433 vendor-unknown new 637047013433 in stock Men's Wedding Bands 540.00USD shopify_637118775353 vendor-unknown new 637118775353 in stock Women's Wedding Bands 800.00USD shopify_636903915577 vendor-unknown new 636903915577 in stock Wrought 120.00USD shopify_636894740537 vendor-unknown new 636894740537 in stock Rings 390.00USD shopify_1751812603961 vendor-unknown new 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240.00USD shopify_636898574393 vendor-unknown new 636898574393 in stock Wrought 160.00USD shopify_637148430393 vendor-unknown new 637148430393 in stock Lace 68.00USD shopify_636981116985 vendor-unknown new 636981116985 in stock Pirouette 260.00USD shopify_636989767737 vendor-unknown new 636989767737 in stock Necklaces 180.00USD shopify_1216683999289 MetaliciousJewelry new 1216683999289 in stock Pirouette 920.00USD shopify_637039640633 vendor-unknown new 637039640633 in stock Monogram 180.00USD shopify_637037772857 vendor-unknown new 637037772857 in stock Monogram 300.00USD shopify_637137190969 vendor-unknown new 637137190969 in stock Promise Rings 240.00USD shopify_636967911481 vendor-unknown new 636967911481 in stock Necklaces 78.00USD shopify_637057368121 vendor-unknown new 637057368121 in stock Men's Wedding Bands 150.00USD shopify_637150199865 vendor-unknown new 637150199865 in stock Lace 58.00USD shopify_637151543353 vendor-unknown new 637151543353 in stock Lace 68.00USD 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1,950.00USD shopify_637032824889 vendor-unknown new 637032824889 in stock Wheat 140.00USD shopify_637018505273 vendor-unknown new 637018505273 in stock Wheat 600.00USD shopify_636968796217 vendor-unknown new 636968796217 in stock Necklaces 140.00USD shopify_636960571449 vendor-unknown new 636960571449 in stock Earrings 36.00USD shopify_636966699065 vendor-unknown new 636966699065 in stock Earrings 170.00USD shopify_636966174777 vendor-unknown new 636966174777 in stock Earrings 170.00USD shopify_636968403001 vendor-unknown new 636968403001 in stock Earrings 190.00USD shopify_1752563548217 vendor-unknown new 1752563548217 in stock Wrought 135.00USD shopify_637092495417 vendor-unknown new 637092495417 in stock Wrought 520.00USD shopify_636907880505 vendor-unknown new 636907880505 in stock Wrought 280.00USD shopify_637042229305 vendor-unknown new 637042229305 in stock Water Dream 300.00USD shopify_636982624313 vendor-unknown new 636982624313 in stock Bridal Sets 500.00USD 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