Wonderful White Topaz

March 26, 2019

White Topaz is the alternative birthstone for April (diamond being the most popular stone for April – but as you know, I don’t do diamonds!). It can also be given on the 10th anniversary instead of a diamond.

White Topaz Crush Drop Earrings  White Topaz Wrought Earrings

Topaz is friendship, truth and forgiveness. It balances emotions, increases creativity and relieves stress. It can help you solve problems, make your thinking clear and lead you to a brighter future.

White Topaz stimulates the crown chakra and brings awareness to your thoughts and deeds and how they effect others. It also helps you to see the bigger picture and how you fit into it in addition to increasing your ability to understand things.

It helps to heal the soul and purify emotions and seeks the truth in others as well as ensuring we’re true to ourselves.

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