What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

January 12, 2021


What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Demi-fine jewelry lies somewhere between fine jewelry and costume jewelry, which you might also know as fashion jewelry. While fine jewelry is expensive and made of precious metals and gemstones, costume jewelry is inexpensive, and tends to be made of cheap metals and fake gems. Demi-fine jewelry strikes the perfect balance between these two.


Demi-fine jewelry is typically made from a base metal but then plated with a very thin layer of precious metals. They still have the appearance of fine jewelry but are filled with a cheaper metal, and coated with a plating that will wear off over time. Demi-fine also uses semi-precious gemstones. All of this means that demi-fine jewelry is the affordable option for those who want something a little fancier than what you can find at the mall but don't want to commit to making an overly expensive purchase. A nice demi-fine ring or necklace will usually cost $100-$300, but small studs or simple rings can be priced well under $100. Looking for an affordable engagement ring? Well demi-fine engagement rings are almost always priced under $1,000. Many are only a few hundred dollars!



What Are the Cons of Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Well, demi-fine jewelry looks great and won't break your wallet - so what's the catch? Unfortunately, since demi-fine jewelry is plated that means the precious metals on the surface can become worn off over time, which exposes the cheaper, more unsightly metal underneath. Even just showering or swimming with plated jewelry can cause the metal to wear off! With gold plated jewelry in particular you will have to worry about tarnishing. While solid gold jewelry will not tarnish, gold plated jewelry will tarnish due to the metals beneath it causing discoloration.


Affordable Fine Jewelry at Demi-Fine Prices

But, don't worry we got you covered! Metalicious proudly creates fine jewelry at demi-fine prices. Our pieces are made entirely of precious metals, so you don't have to worry about that pesky plating rubbing off over time. Our jewelry captures all of the beauty of fine jewelry while remaining affordable, ethical, and eco-friendly.

Here are some of our gorgeous yet affordable pieces:


Fine Jewelry Under $100


Infinity Stud Earrings



Initial Necklace



Amethyst Drop Earrings




Gifts For Her Under $200


Fine jewelry earrings



Rainbow moonstone necklace



Birthstone bracelet




Engagement Rings Under $500


Afforable morganite engagement ring



Affordable morganite and moissanite engagement ring



Affordable moonstone engagement ring



Hopefully that cleared up some of the confusion between fine and demi-fine jewelry. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, we are happy to help! 


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