The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide for the Free Spirited Bohemian

April 16, 2018

Well hello there,

Here is the gift guide is for the Free Spirited Bohemian! This woman loves the outdoors, from the mountains to the ocean and the peace that comes from connecting with nature. She can be seen wearing flowing dresses, long t-shirts and comfy leggings and prefers to never. wear. shoes.

The FS woman is relaxed and earthy and you can find her sipping her coffee on her deck by the lake. She is warm and approachable with a smile for every living thing.

The free spirited woman loves nature-inspired jewelry that is simple yet meaningful for her. It has to reflect her values of ethical responsibility and being environmentally conscious.

Below are 4 pieces of jewelry that the Free Spirit will love, in flowing sterling silver shapes with natural and meaningful gemstones. Each piece is cast from 100% recycled metal and ethically sourced gems, which resonates deeply with the Free Spirit. Each jewel comes lovingly packaged in a luxurious gift box that she will treasure for a lifetime.

Here are our picks for the FSB..    


This swirly, nature-inspired jewelry is the perfect gift for the Free Spirit and it we make it easy to give great gifts here at Metalicious.

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