The Goddess of the Hunt Appears

October 11, 2020

A rustling sound comes from within the forest that could just be the wind, or just your imagination? All at once, the branches sway aside to reveal a large set of antlers poking out from behind the brush. You hear a low snort, and then a stag emerges from the woods. On it's back is a stunning raven-haired maiden with skin that glows like marble. 

The woman gracefully launches herself off the deer like a gymnast to stand before you. Strips of silvery linen artfully wrap around her body, accentuating her musculature. A hunting bow rests against her back.

It is Artemis, goddess of the hunt and protector of young women. 

Illustration of Artemis with a bow and arrow on a purple background


She grabs her bow, her silver ring clinking against its surface, "Accept what I can offer and I can grant you protection as a fellow woman, love for animals and safety in childbirth." 

So, will you take it?


Artemis Jewelry