The Bohemian Vines Collection - The Wisteria Series

March 06, 2021

Welcome to Day 2 of the Bohemian Vines Jewelry Collection Launch!

This week we are introducing the Bohemian Vines Collection: a fresh take on earrings, necklaces and rings that represent the power, beauty and perseverance of women.

This brand new collection is based on three different variations of flowering vines. Each of the three series will feature a matching necklace, pair of earrings, and show-stopping ring.

Today's reveal is the whimsical Wisteria Series.

Wisteria is known for it's long vines that cascade with blue and purple blossoms, as well as it's long lifespan (wisteria plants can be hundreds of years old!).


chinese blue wisteria tree


The longevity of the wisteria plant has come to symbolize immortality due to it's abundant blossoms. 

I designed the Wisteria series to remind you that you are limitless in the face of fear and challenges that life throws your way. 

 london blue topaz sterling silver jewelry collection

Some wisteria vines actually need some stress in order to grow flowers!

Wisteria can also symbolize wisdom, just like the blue topaz gemstones I chose for these pieces.

Wisteria earrings

I chose a square cushion but made the aesthetic choice to turn it on it's side for a unique twist. It's as if the vines are growing from within the gemstone.

Wisteria necklace

The calming color of blue topaz is said to soothe and destress, as well as widen the wearer’s perspective and improve concentration and communication. 

Wearing a piece from the Wisteria Series symbolizes artistry, wisdom and longevity.

Wisteria ring



Which piece is your favorite? Are you excited for the final series to be released tomorrow? I'm so excited to bring you such unique jewelry, I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it for you. :-)





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