The Bohemian Vines Collection - The Nightshade Series

March 06, 2021

It's time for the final series of our Bohemian Vines Collection: the Nightshade series.

This week we are introducing the Bohemian Vines Collection: a fresh take on earrings, necklaces and rings that represent the power, beauty and perseverance of women.

This brand new collection is based on three different variations of flowering vines. Each of the three series features a matching necklace, pair of earrings, and show-stopping ring.

Nightshade was used in Victorian times to redden cheeks and lips, which led to its formal name: Belladonna, which also means "Beautiful Woman".


Belladonna Nightshade


Nightshade symbolizes silence, and was used originally used as poison.

I wanted this collection to represent a slightly darker aesthetic, while still having an earthy feel.


I chose garnets as the centerpieces in this collection for their deep and mysterious glow. Nightshade berries are shaped like red droplets, so I chose a pear shape for this collection.

Nightshade earrings

Garnets represent inner fire and life force, which fits perfectly with the Nightshade designs.

Nightshade hoops

I loved this shape so much that I created a non-gemstone version as larger hoop drops. These are absolutely breathtaking and delicate while also being bold. 

Nightshade necklace


Garnets are said to cure depression, bring strength and ensure health of the heart, blood and lungs. Best of all, it promotes love, intimacy and friendship.

Wearing the Nightshade pieces represents power, beauty and passion.

Nightshade ring


So which series in the collection is your favorite? Tomorrow I will release a tell-all where I do a deep-dive into the entire inspiration behind this collection!





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