Support Black Businesses: Black Jewelers to Follow

July 12, 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement is looking to bring lasting changes to reduce the racial injustices within the United States. It's important to keep speaking up, donating, signing petitions, educating ourselves, and doing anything we can to support this movement not just right now, but in the future. It can be overwhelming at first, but there are a lot of fabulous resources out there to help guide you! Victoria Alexander, a PhD student researching anti-racist pedagogy, critical consciousness building, and experiences of Black students in predominately white institutions, has a comprehensive Anti-Racist Resource Guide that is free to access. I encourage you to compensate her for her work through Venmo at victoriaalxndr, and on CashApp at $victoriaalxndr!

One of the many ways you can support Black Lives Matter is by buying from Black-owned businesses. Don't know where to start? offers a directory of Black-owned businesses, and you can even filter them to find ones close to you!

Still stuck on where to start? Here are some fabulous Black jewelers for you to follow and support!


Angela Benjamin

Ange created AngeBDesigns as a means of sharing her contemporary handmade silver jewelry. Her pieces, crafted in her "She Cave", are inspired by things she likes to take pictures of: nature, fashion, architecture, and "random discarded stuff", and during the course of lock-down she has been quite into angles as well!

Her pieces aren't just beautiful, she also tries to create jewelry that is as sustainable as possible. She re-uses scrap sterling silver to to give it new life in an age where we all want to be “a bit different”, and in an attempt to shun the mass-produced. Most of her pieces mostly consist of large statement bangles, silver bracelets, sterling silver earrings and unusual silver rings.



Ronald Anderson

I personally own a few pieces made by the team at Ten Thousand Things. Their collection of fine jewelry and objects is designed by partners Ronald Anderson and David Rees, self-taught jewelers with a background in fashion retail. They are based in NYC where they meticulously hand craft modern heirlooms inspired by abstract shapes found in nature, and meant to best highlight expertly-chosen stones, including rare Paraiba tourmalines, black opals and American natural pearls.

Everything about their jewelry is incredible, and you can feel the artistry and care that is poured into every piece.

Make sure you check out their newest collection!



Taisha Carrington

Meet Taisha Carrington, whose work is passionate, beautiful and makes a powerful statement.

In the 2018 series, Woke in the Wake, she treats her own hair as a precious material, transforming it into a backdrop for pearls, peridots, and garnets. “The work is based on how we see ourselves as Afro-Caribbean or African-American people, whose self-value can be challenged a lot personally and from external sources.

Born in Barbados and a graduate of Pratt Institute, Taisha is a jeweler to learn from!



Asia Clarke

Asia is the founder of Toronto-based Wild Moon. She creates handmade jewelry, with an eco-conscious, industrial and afrocentric aesthetic.

Her mission is to create eco-conscious designs that incorporate materials such as 100% recycled fine silver, recycled glass and repurposed brass and semi-precious stones. I love her commitment to the Earth!

In addition to selling jewelry, she also offers jewelry making workshops for youth focusing on sustainability and curbing consumer waste through non-profit organizations in Toronto. 

Currently, Wild Moon Jewelry is moving toward a sustainable future that includes the expansion into a social enterprise that provides a sales platform for other sustainable eco-friendly fashion accessory designers across the globe.



Kristin & Kofi Essel

Third Crown is comprised of a husband-and-wife team that creates gender neutral everyday statement pieces. They named it Third Crown to celebrate the merging of two forces coming together to form something new - a powerful pair. With their collection, the designers celebrate their mutual fascination with structure, architectural lines, and bold accents. Gold and silver plated brass are used to create a mood that’s at once restrained but full of attitude. Each piece is defined by clean lines and an understated chic, turning them in to wardrobe essentials.

Make sure to sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off of your first purchase!



Alicia Goodwin

Say hi to Alicia from Lingua Nigra! She was one of my first jewelry friends when I started Metalicious 15 years ago. Not only is Alicia so freaking talented, but she's funny as hell. Like belly-laugh-hilarious. I was so sad when she moved to Chicago to take care of her mom (seriously can you deal with how awesome she is?), but I'm grateful I get to see her when she comes back to NYC to visit.

Her work is inspired by nature, with a focus on ancient talismans, Victorian era work and mourning sentimental jewelry. Made of brass, silver and gold, extra care is given to these works. The work is created using several techniques, most notably acid etching and also metal reticulation. Each approach yields random texture that can never be predicted during process. The final result is metal with a mix of textures based on time and chance. Shapes are then cut out of the work, or cast items created from wax receive texture. During one of the final steps of the process, the texture becomes even more trans-formative when electroplated with 22kt gold.



Lauren Harwell Godfrey

Lauren Harwell Godfrey is the founder and designer of Harwell Godfrey, a bold line of fine jewelry with aesthetic roots in ancient textiles and ethnic patterns, handcrafted in 18k gold with precious gemstones and vivid enamel. Designed with healing energy in mind, each gemstone is thoughtfully handpicked to enhance the wearer’s experience. From literal references to the Four Elements to figurative references to block printing and weaving in cultures from long ago, the collection brings a sense of history to modern day precious heirlooms. No detail is left unfinished: most pieces even feature delicate hand-engraving on the backs, reinforcing the intentions of the design with beautifully-rendered motifs.

But seriously, how could you not fall in love with all of those colors!?



Cindy Liebel

Cindy launched Cindy Liebel Jewelry in 2014 with a goal to create modern, understated designs for everyday wear. As a self-taught metalsmith, she combines the relationship with geometric forms and combines them with inspiration stemming from architectural, mid-century and art deco blueprint. 

Her work reflects an attention to detail, combining bold, structural shapes and contrasting textures. Her inspiration thrives on repetition and geometric forms while creating an unconventional, eco-chic style that won't weigh you down. Each piece is hand fabricated from start to finish using raw precious metals. She creates wearable adornments that combine the relationship between contemporary and mid-century design, with a focus on simplicity and everyday wear.

Make sure you sign up for her mailing list to receive 10% off your first purchase!



Valerie Madison

Valerie Madison is a Seattle-based jewelry designer who creates stunning pieces from high-quality, recycled metals. She began with a simple vision: to be a trusted designer of quality, aesthetically pleasing jewelry. After obtaining her environmental science degree, she married her passion for alternative jewelry design with her love for the natural world—and thus the Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry studio was born.

Valerie merges contemporary technology with skillful artistry to create elegant designs inspired by classic styles. With her keen eye for detail and passion for individuality, her designs celebrate not only the beauty of life and love but also the natural world and the stunning gemstones that come from it. A Valerie Madison piece features styles and stones not seen in traditional pieces, such as salt-and-pepper diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, uniquely shaped stones, vibrant hues, and more.

Make sure to check out her virtual appointments! 


Camille Peace Moskoff

Camille from Peace Images Jewelry creates gorgeous pieces with a rich African flair. Her engraved bangles are stunningly intricate and are some of my favorites!
When you buy from her a portion of your sales can go to Teen Living Programs Chicago. They support homeless youth that would otherwise fall through the cracks and grant them a bright future. Another reason Camille is amazing? Size inclusive models!

So check out her shop and make a purchase to support a wonderful woman and a fabulous cause!



Dynasty & Soull Ogun

L'Enchanteur is the conceptual fruit of identical twin designers, Dynasty and Soull Ogun. Their pieces are inspired by the sciences, color theory, numerology, religion, mythologies, magic, and fairy tales.

L'Enchanteur seeks to communicate timeless inspirations of spirituality behind each of their pieces, creating clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle items that redefine the meaning of an heirloom.

Embodying their motto, Transform Your Lifestyle, Dynasty and Soull push forward on an upward and unknown path to introduce a new vision of design decorum to the world.



Lisette Scott


Lisette Scott is the owner of Jam+Rico, where she showcases her beautiful Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage through her designs. With immigrant grandparents from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, she was always curious about their upbringing and traditions that were formed from their homeland. The most prominent inspirations were food and music. A little salsa and reggae with a mix of arroz con pollo, pastelles, jerk and curry were her favorites! Once she was able to travel to both islands, the fascination and love of her heritage grew even stronger.

She established Jam + Rico in 2016 as a fashion jewelry company providing bold, unique and colorful designs. Her travels to the Caribbean and Latin America countries have filled her with inspiration from the people, culture, music and terrain.

Check out her website to view her collections. They are warm, bright, and glowing with the love she shows for her heritage!



Ashley Thorne

Meet Ashley, the founder and designer of A.M. Thorne. Her work is so dreamy!
She's based in Washington, D.C. and my hometown-- New York City. Her jewelry line is known for it's simplicity and wearability. Jewelry is her therapy and she loves to let all of the natural beauty of the stones she uses to just shine!

Her minimalist pieces are influenced by architecture, art, femininity, and light.
I love how exquisitely crafted each piece is and how she creates jewelry that you never want to take off!




So who were your favorite jewelers? Any others you wish were on this list? Let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to spread some love to them!