Jewelry Redesign and Repurposing Old Jewelry

April 28, 2020

Repurpose, Remount, Redesign, Reinvent, Reset, Remake = Recycled Jewelry!

There are many words to describe it, but repurposing and redesigning your inherited heirloom jewelry is easier than you might think.


Here are a pair of heirloom diamond climber earrings that I created using diamonds from a customer's ring that she inherited but never wore.


Diamond Climber Earrings










My customer had these stones from from her grandparents, so she got in touch with me to make this pendant for her Grandmother.

Necklace made with customer's stones










I often get asked, “Can you turn my old jewelry into new jewelry?” and “Can you make a new ring from an old one?” and the answers is: yes!

Here are all the ways I can work with you and your old  (but very much beloved) jewelry to make it into a new piece: 

  • Remount diamonds from an inherited engagement ring
  • Repurpose gemstones to create your own gemstone ring or other pieces
  • Upcycle your old jewelry
  • Reinvent inherited heirloom jewelry
  • Create new jewelry from old jewelry
  • Remodel your old jewelry
  • Remake a ring using a different metal or gemstone


I was sent this ring from a customer, she no longer wore the ring, but still loved the tanzanite and diamonds. She asked if I would be able to design and make a new ring using them. 

I was able to refine the metal, and although I couldn't use it in the new ring, I was able to apply the credit towards to her new ring.


 Tanzanite Ring


 This is the ring that I designed using the stones from her old ring.


Tanzanite Ring Rendering










I promise to take the utmost care of your jewelry, as I know how sentimental and priceless it is to you. Let's breathe new life into your jewelry, together.

You might be wondering, how much does it cost to redesign heirloom jewelry? Well, even though we’re unable to reuse the metal from your old jewelry in the new piece, we can refine your metal and use it towards credit for your final piece. I will work with you and your budget to create a piece that you are in love with and will wear.

I love jewelry so much, that I hate to see it sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust, I want your jewelry to sing to you. Find out more about custom designed jewelry.

Get in touch with me and let’s redesign a ring that you love to wear and can pass on for years to come.


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