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Prepare Yourself to Meet the Queen

Posted on November 08 2020

You begin to feel a tingling in your finger tips. Your heartbeat quickens, and you feel a rising sensation in your chest and an electrical energy charges the air. You can feel a powerful force is coming.

A bird cry pierces the energy in the air from behind you and you spin around to see a large peacock fanning it's majestic feathers before you. He raises his sapphire blue head and gives you an intimidating glance before he lowers his tail and steps aside, revealing a stately woman. Her chiseled chin is held high and she takes you in with an air of status. A bejeweled crown on her head and rich silk robes tell you she is of the highest order.

It is Hera, queen of the heavens and the gods.




She looks you up and down once more before lifting up an arm and slowly stretching it out to you, staring deeply into your eyes. Her hand glows with gemstones climbing up and down her ring finger. She purses her lips as if still deciding whether you are open to greatness.

Then she speaks, "Accept all of my heavenly gifts, and I can grant you protection of your home and family, promise a happy marriage, and constant love."

You are filled with a sense of power as you decide, will you accept?


Hera Jewelry




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