Mother Earth Keeps Us Grounded

October 15, 2020

You feel a warmth spreading up from the ground and into your body. It fills you with love, surrounds your heart and lights you up from the top of your head to your tip-toes. 

As the sultry sun hits the ground a mist begins to manifest in front of you. A voluptuous figure starts to emerge. This golden-skinned woman, with hair the color of fertile earth, smiles down at you as she clutches a bountiful bouquet of wildflowers to her breast. Birds twitter and flit around her, and green grass begins creeping out from the ground where she stands.

It is Gaia, mother of creation and goddess of the earth.




She begins to walk towards you. With each step she takes small flowers begin blossoming from the soil. She smiles, so warm and motherly, and looks at you with temperate, welcoming eyes. She lowers herself slightly so as to bring herself down to you, and as she does so a colorful pendant swings out and beckons your attention, "Accept the gifts I have held onto for you since the start of time, and I can grant you bounty, great life energies, and the power of nature."

Will you accept her ancient gifts?


Gaia Jewelry