Metalicious x Silpada 2021

July 16, 2021

As a lot of you may know I process my emotions through my jewelry collections. The Goddess Collection was brought on by the heroic inspirations of front-line workers and the strong women in my life. The Bohemian Vines Collection symbolized determination and endurance, along with revitalization as Spring began and hope was on the horizon.

Now we are starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel.

Many of us have certainly felt worse for wear, and this new time is filled with change and anxiety. I transformed these feelings of uncertainty and of resilience into my new collection brought to you by a collaboration with Silpada: the Clarity Collection.


I designed these pieces to be your armor - bright and shining with a hammered texture that exudes strength. This collection symbolizes protection and also provides light and hope.

I've incorporated a metalsmithing technique of hammering the surface of silver to give it a bright shiny texture-- like a vessel or silver armorThe sparkly surface of these pieces is dotted with intricate beading that is oxidized to bring out the texture.

I love the contrast between the dark and the bright. It speaks of our past and gives promise for the future as we move through the pandemic searching for lucidity-- around our families, our careers, our purpose, our future.

We are strong and we are here-- not just now but for the future, too.

This collection isn’t just filled with meaning, it is also stunning! There is a little something for everyone: from rings to necklaces to earrings and oh my gosh these bangles!! Don’t stop at just one, the Clarity collection is meant to be stacked and layered, wearing many pieces at once. 

Summer into Fall is the perfect time to for sleeveless fashion and I love to wear the new cuffs and bangles stacked up on my wrist. Each one can represent a moment in your life, which alone can seem small or insignificant. But when you put all these moments together, you can see the larger impact of all of these moments added up in your life. I'll be wearing these strong silver cuffs and bangles all summer long and into the Fall.

May this collection inspire Clarity in your life. ❤️