The Metalicious Jewelry Gift Guide to peace and joy

April 16, 2018

Why a jewelry gift guide? I've been feeling pretty low lately. One of my ways of coping when things get difficult is to create jewelry. It is a healing process for me, one where I can channel my emotions and try to make sense of the world.

Another way of coping is to look forward, to focus on my family and friends and to find at least one positive thing I can do today. This always helps me remember the things I'm grateful for. If you try it, I'd love to hear what positive things you are celebrating today in the comments below.

First let's look forward. We have the holidays coming up, and this year I'm going to make it my mission to enjoy them. Second I will focus on my family and friends. I'll make time to enjoy decorating with my kids, baking with my Mom and walking through the snow with my husband. I'll go snow tubing with my best friend and make time to keep up my exercise routine. And the positive thing I can do today: I've created a special Metalicious jewelry gift guide to help bring joy and peace back to your holiday.

This is just a sampling of things I love that I want to share with you to help you with healing and to tell your story:

feather necklace3 birthstone stacking rings rainbow moonstone stud earrings gemstone necklace  

As you can see I've chosen meaningful jewelry for my gift guide. There are so many ways to process through emotions and difficult times, mine has always been with jewelry. But I'd love to know some ways you cope with stress, we could all use the helpful tips, write them in comments below. :-)


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