Jewelry Design Series: Nature Inspired Jewelry

August 18, 2020

If you've been following me for a while, chances are, you know that nature inspires me! (See my Elements collection and Water Dream collection).

I grew up in the country on 12 acres of grassy fields and critter-filled woods--and just down the road from a dairy farm.

We didn't have any neighbors so I was left to wander by myself outside, whether it was floating on the pond or climbing trees in the woods or trekking out to watch the cows in their pasture.

Summers we would always go to the beach. The sand, the sun, the gentle repetitive crash of the waves.

Nature is still one of the places that heals me and helps me get grounded. So even though I'm a city girl now, I've got country girl roots.

I have added a section to my website, so that you can find all of my nature inspired jewelry in one place. So if the earth and the environment are what makes you feel calm, this section is for you! 

Star Fish Necklace  Bronze Shark Tooth Keychain

For some of this collection, I used actual shark teeth and other naturally found elements to create jewelry with. I made a mold of the shark teeth and then had them cast into metal.

Sea Urchin Necklace  Shark Tooth Necklace

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Which piece is your favorite? Do you have a found object that you're curious about making into jewelry? Just contact me!

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