Jewelry Design Series: Modern Rock Collection

July 28, 2020

I created this jewelry collection in the early years of Metalicious and the fact that it's still being sold is a testament to its longevity. It will always be a staple in my shop. Its' minimal style is a cheeky alternative to a diamond engagement ring. All of the bling, without the conflict.

I designed the collection to be an alternative to using diamonds in my work. I disagree with the traditional diamond industry. I say traditional, because there are now so many other conflict free, ethical diamond choices out there. You can read more about them here.

Asscher Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

The diamond industry has a dark side, with miners working in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, they do all the work, but rarely/never get to see any of the profits that the diamonds sell for. The marketing of diamonds by DeBeers manipulates consumers and shames them into thinking that diamonds are the only way in which someone could profess their true love.

Thankfully the industry is becoming more regulated, there are more diamond alternative choices out there and consumers are educated now more than ever.

The Modern Rock Collection has studs, rings and a necklace. It really does make a great addition to your collection because it can be worn on those days when you want an ethical bit of bling!

Asscher Cut RingBrilliant Cut Ring

If you ever have a gemstone question, please do get in touch, I will be more than happy to have a chat with you!


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