Jewelry Design Series: Crush Collection

August 04, 2020

I've always had a love for the smallest details that make my jewelry just a little different from everything else out there. My attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of my jewelry design aesthetic.

The Crush Collection has all the details - from beaded elements to the perfect gemstones.

These little details give my work a modern vintage feel with a touch of romance. Kind of like Modern Bohemian if I had to call it something (it's so hard for me to categorize my work because it's so many things put together).

The beading that I add to my designs are a signature design element that I give my work a slightly edgy feel, like a rockstar vibe. It's larger than delicate millgrain you see on antique jewelry, so it gives a chic look to my rings and other jewelry.

The beaded details make my jewelry modern, but also wearable and pretty. They add a touch of edginess-meets-romance to my designs.

Crush Ring  Temple Ring Set

Crush Drop Earrings  Pendulum Necklaces

You'll find this similar beadwork featured in a lot of my collections, like the Wrought, Elements and Pirouette collections. I love how it adds just a little extra something to my work to make it unique, just like you!

Rainbow Shadow Band and Moonstone Satellite Ring Set

This is the latest ring set that I've added to the crush collection. I love how it looks like a rainbow crown for the Satellite ring!

I have customized this ring style in so many ways, it's one of my most versatile ring styles.

(Don't forget, if you don't see an option with the gemstone you'd like, just get in touch with me!)

Below you can see the original beaded detail in red garnet on the left. 

And on the right in the blue aquamarine ring-- notice the infinity symbol in place of the beads? Just the tiniest tweak makes a whole different ring!

Garnet Satellite Ring Set  Aquamarine Infinity Set Ring

Amethyst Satellite Ring Set  Emerald Satellite Ring Set

Throughout the year, I add to this collection, so it's worth checking back in every so often to see what's new!

Crush Collection 

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