January Birthstone | Garnet Birthstone Meaning

January 02, 2024

How to Find and Activate Your Garnet Birthstone 

About the January Birthstone: Garnet

The word "garnet" is derived from the Latin word "granatus," meaning "seed-like." because the shape and appearance are similar to pomegranate seeds. Yum!

You can find them deep in the Earth where they form under high heat and pressure. They are a mix of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, chromium, and aluminum and take millions of years to form. They come in fiery red and also cool colors like orange, yellow, green, purple, and even black. 

            silver pendant with swirly bail and square cushion red garnetclose up of swirly silver earring with pear shaped red garnet on woman's ear wearing a hat

Garnet is the traditional January birthstone. You can wear it for courage, protection, prosperity and friendship. Garnets are also a symbol of love and commitment. They inspire passion and fortify bonds. Adorning yourself with our handcrafted garnet jewelry lets you express deep emotions without saying a word.

6 Types of Garnet Stones and their Attributes

A piece of garnet birthstone jewelry is very durable because of its hardness and ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. There are six major varieties you can add to your unique garnet jewelry, and they all have their color, chemical composition, and energy.

Almandine is the most common garnet, it is also recognized as the January Birthstone This garnet is usually a red to reddish-brown color and can give you a boost of energy that allows you to feel a greater sense of security, less worry, and more joy. It can help you draw love into your life or help you experience a more blissful relationship with yourself.

Set of round garnet stud earrings and a round garnet silver bezel slider necklace

Pyrope has a deep red to orange-red color and if you’re looking to open your heart and invite more love into your life, then you should add this stone to your garnet stacking ring. It has healing properties and offers the encouragement you need to open up. 

silver ring with square cushion cut red garnet set in a bezel with a sculptural infinity symbol on each sideoxidized silver ring with square cushion cut red garnet in the center, two round yellow citrines above and beneath the garnet and silver beaded details on the multi-band look

Spessartine gives you confidence and helps you unleash your creativity. This garnet gemstone usually ranging from orange to orange-pink. You should have it on in a delicate garnet necklace when you want to initiate it's powers.

Picture of woman in white collared shirt, wearing a silver chain with a round pink bezel set gemstone

Rhodolite Garnet is usually a purplish pink-red, and  are said to encourage kindness, compassion, and love. They are also thought to enhance warmth, sincerity, and trust, and can help one fulfill their life's purpose.

three stone silver ring with a rectangular cushion cut pink-red rhodolite garnet and two round rhodolite garnets on each side with angels wings on each side

Tsavorite is one of the rarest forms of garnet in the world. It has a stunning green color and is a symbol of emotional well-being. It is the right choice for you if you need to reduce stress and deal with anxiety. It can also attract positive energy and prosperity into your life.

14k yellow gold infinity hoop earrings with round green tsavorite garnets bezel set in the front

Andradite is a must-have when you need to ward off negative energy. It’s found in green, yellow, brown, and black colors, and forms a defensive barrier around your aura. You can rid yourself of self-sabotaging thoughts and replace them with positive and uplifting thoughts.


Tips for Choosing the Right Garnet Jewelry too Wear

Do you need to find the right garnet for your gemstone jewelry?, Here are some tips to help you find the perfect piece:

  1. Color: Garnet comes in several colors and range from deep red to bright green. You decide which color’s energy resonates with you, what you’re hoping to attract into your life, and which will complement your skin tone and personal style
  2. Cut: Pay attention to the cut of your garnet because the cut determines its overall shape, sparkle and depth of color. You should choose a cut that lets the beauty of the stone shine through in the artisan jewelry you’ve chosen. 
  3. Quality: Look for a high-quality - heirloom garnet jewelry that is free from inclusions and has good clarity and shine with no surface-reaching inclusions.
  4. Setting: If a garnet is set properly, its appearance and durability is superior. You want a setting that is well-made so that it protects the stone.

Activating your Birthstone's Energy

You can activate the energy of your garnet birthstone jewelry by connecting with your stone on a personal and intentional level.

  • Cleansing: Make sure your garnet jewelry is clean before activating. You can use methods like running it under cool water, placing it under the moonlight, smudging it with sage, or any other crystal cleansing steps. Clear out all the bad energy!
  • Set Your Intention: Hold your garnet jewelry in your hands and set a clear intention. Focus on what you want to achieve or the energy you want to amplify while wearing your jewelry.
  • Wear it with Purpose: Whenever you wear your garnet jewelry, do it with mindfulness. As you put it on, remind yourself of your intention. Throughout the day, touch the stone and reconnect with that purpose.  Visualize the energy of the stone aligning with your intentions and creating a positive aura around you.
  • Create a Ritual: start a simple ritual around your garnet. You can hold it and say a few affirmations each morning or before important events. 


Your garnet is the perfect choice for you if you were born in January. Beyond its stunning beauty, garnet symbolizes passion and vitality. You can wear ethically sourced garnet jewelry to make a meaningful style statement. And when the energy is activated, it infuses your life with positivity and purpose. Unlock its full potential and let it be the spark that ignites your passions and lights the world with your shine.