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The Moon Goddess Rises

Posted on November 05 2020

A glow comes peaking out from along the horizon, shimmering and pulsating with a soft white light. A slight patter of hooves is coming from the distance, and from that glow emerges a gleaming white stallion trotting towards you with a shimmering woman upon its back.

The woman glides off from her steed, her long navy blue dress flowing around her and a moon shaped crown adorning her head. Long braids travel down her shoulders, like a waterfall down her back. It is Selene, goddess of the moon.




She begins to outstretch her hand, with a ring on her finger glowing like the moon, "Accept what I have to offer, and I can bestow you with light, balance, and bring great changes."

So, do you take her offerings?


Selene Jewelry




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