Gemstone Vault Sale - How it works

May 21, 2020

It's no secret that I'm a gem-a-holic. Like a magpie, I love sparklies and bright colors and have been collecting gemstones for over 20 years.

They are really special gemstones and I have been waiting for the day to make some exquisitely meaningful jewelry with them.

I'm opening my vaults and launching our second Gem Vault Sale!

Here's how it works:

Each day I will be releasing three unique gemstones for sale.

You can purchase them as is, or, if you would like me to make them into a piece of jewelry for you, you can purchase the design consultation (usually $150, but for this week only, it's free with any gemstone you purchase when you use the code BLINGME). There is no obligation to purchase the design and the consultation is valid until December 6th, 2021.

We then set up a consultation and chat about your design ideas and your budget.

Custom designs start at $300 for a simple design in sterling silver and go up from there for a more elaborate platinum piece of jewelry. 

The rules:

-There is a limited quantity of each stone so first come, first served. If you like a stone and put it in your cart, there's no guarantee that it will still be there when you go to check out. These stones are unique (and some are rare), so there are only one of each

-They will only be available until the last day of the sale (Saturday, June 5th)

-After you purchase your gemstone you have two options:  
  1.  We can ship you the gemstone for your personal collection.
  2.  You'd like to work with me to create a custom design for your gemstone (YAY!). Make sure to add this to your cart as well: design consultation listing

-We will hold all orders until the end of the week to consolidate shipping or email you to set up a design consultation meeting.

-No returns

-No other coupon codes can be used for the gemstone sale.

-Don't forget to add the design consultation to the cart

Here is the coupon code for the free design consultation: BLINGME