Curated Ear - Stacking or Layering Earrings

March 31, 2020

You've heard all about layering necklaces and stacking rings, but have you heard of curated ears? No? Then let's have an earring-party!

A curated ear features earrings that complement each other-- similar to stacking rings-- these are stacking earrings. ūüėė

Curated Ear. Curated Ear

If you have more than one hole piercing in an ear, then you can curate a bejeweled ear. 

I have a few piercings in my ears now, including my helix on my left ear. I love being able to layer a few different earrings together to create a unique look!

Here's a great graphic showing you which parts of the ear can be pierced and what they are called.

Ear Piercings

Step 1: Choose Different Styles

In my helix, I like to wear ear climbers, like this one that I designed for Silpada using Sunstones. I wear it so that the larger side is at the top and graduates down.

I love how these all go together but aren't matchy-matchy, you know?

So Sirius

I sell a lot of my studs singly as well as in pairs, so that you can wear them as stackable earrings. They all work together because they have my signature Metalicious look. 

I like lots of options when putting on my jewelry.

Step 2: Mix Your Metals

When I want to keep it simple and minimalist, I like to pair my mini infinity studs with my curl studs for everyday. To dress it up, I pair rose gold moissanite studs with elegant morganite cushion drop earrings.

infinity silver stud and gold curl earring in the ear  

Step 3: Mix The Sizes

Then to add a bit of colorful bling, I like to add a pair of 3mm birthstone studs from the wrought collections (which are also available in 2mm and 5mm). Here you can see the different sizes together to give you an idea:

Wrought Bezel Studs  Curated Ear

Step 4: Mix in Color Gemstone Studs

I also love adding in these modern faceted gemstone studs for more color. Each one is faceted to look like a gemstone but features a genuine colorful gemstone in the center:

colorful genuine gemstone stud earrings

You can also mix and match metals, for example, my 2mm wrought studs are available in 14k yellow gold with an emerald - and if you don't see a stone with the metal you like, just let us know! We can make any of our earrings in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold or sterling silver.


Do you have multiple ear piercings? How do you like to curate them?


I also love the versatility of ear threaders, they look great in one hole and you can wear them at any length, but did you know, you can also thread the chain through multiple holes as demonstrated in this short video.


Hopefully this has given you some ideas for how to wear your earrings thoughtfully, to make a beautiful curated ear!