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Can I send you my old jewelry to make into something new?

Posted on March 16 2016

can you use my old jewelry
I get a lot of requests from people who want to send me their old jewelry that they don't wear anymore to turn into something new. Although I don't personally refine metal in my studio, I work directly with companies who do. They melt down metal scraps from jewelers (like me), old jewelry, even computer parts. Then it gets cleaned and purified and turned into fresh, new silver and gold that I use in my work. It's 100% recycled and eco-friendly. Click here to learn more about recycled metals.  While we aren't able to use your same metal in my work, you are contributing to a system that re-uses old metals instead of mining for new metal. If you've got silver or gold jewelry that you want to turn into money, you can work directly with one of my favorite companies here. I don't get any credit for you doing so, it's just something I wanted to share with you. I trust them and you can, too.
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