Behind The Scenes: Creating Our New Jewelry Collection, part 3

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Behind The Scenes: Creating Our New Jewelry Collection, part 3

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Posted on March 13 2018

Choosing Stones and Metals So, we’re onto the 3rd step that goes into creating a collection and this is one of my favorite parts – choosing stones! I love adding gemstones to my designs, it really brings them alive and the colors are just amazing. Gems add some extra brightness and energy to my work so I only choose the best ones that have saturated color, high clarity and lots of sparkle.

metalicious gemstones
I only work with stone cutters who get their rough from conflict-free, sustainable sources.  That’s why you won’t see any diamonds in my shop, I prefer work with Moissanites that are lab created in North Carolina. They are ethical, conflict free and have AMAZING sparkle that rivals a diamond. And that's why #IDontDoDiamonds So remember from part one of this series where I carved the bezel? At that time I measure depth, width and length as I'm carving so that the bezel fits a standard sized gemstone, (ie: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm). This makes sourcing gemstones a lot easier and I know I will always be able to get the standard size. My customers were asking for a square-cut stud earring so the Brontë earrings use a size 5mm antique square cushion stone. :-)
stone selection
Eventually the collection will be available in a choice of stones, but I need to create a sample or two first, so I decided to use Swiss Blue Topaz and Moonstone. These are by far the most popular stones that I sell (Morganite is up there too!) and I'm always attracted to blues and the rainbow flash of a moonstone. bezels and stones The metals I work in are: Sterling Silver, Palladium, 14K PD White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold and 14K Rose Gold: Rings in different metals I give a lot of thought to price and durability when deciding what metal to use. Since earrings don't come in contact with many surfaces like a ring would, I have chosen sterling silver for the earring samples. Silver goes beautifully with the Swiss Blue Topaz and Moonstones and I can oxidize it to bring out the beautiful architectural details. bezels and stones What do you think of these stones and metals together? More inspiration from the collection: “He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” E Brontë, Wuthering Heights If you missed part one and part two,  be sure to read them now! In two weeks I’ll be showing you the final step, soldering the ear posts and setting the stones! Best, Stephanie   Sign up to learn more!


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