A very special "client"

August 03, 2018

Kemper is one of my favorite people in the world. Our friendship goes back to 2011 when she was a customer of mine on Etsy. She is smart, funny and kind (my favorite combination) and her convos made me crack up. We clicked and are now friends for life! 

When Peter proposed to Kemper, she asked if I would make their rings (and attend their small wedding in Las Vegas-- obvs).

Peter's ring is unusual, it is one ring formed of two metals - palladium and white gold. I created the ring out of wax, cut it in half and then cast both waxes. When I got them back from the caster, I needed to solder the two metals together, clean it up and then polish it.

Easier said than done-- I had to make sure the metals I chose would be different shades AND would be compatible to solder together. So I was thinking about melting points for all the metals to pair them up properly. I'm such a nerd though so I love this kind of challenge.

Peter's ring is truly one of a kind (just like Peter), there were no molds created, so if I wanted to make it again I would have to create the waxes again.

Making Peter's Ring Making Peter's Ring Making Peter's RingMaking Peter's Ring


Kemper's engagement ring uses a beautiful 8mm cushion moissanite with hand engraving all the way around the ring shank - just stunning.

And we set a little moissanite on each side of the bezel to make it extra special, with a stunning hand engraved band to match. 

Kemper and Peter's wedding

Kemper and Peter's wedding Kemper and Peter's wedding

It was an honor to be part of Kemper's forever as both her friend and jeweler, something I will treasure forever. <3