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A Prophecy from the Oracle

Posted on October 29 2020

It has been centuries since we have last seen the goddesses. Their names ignite nothing more than the whisper of a memory in our minds - something from so long ago. 

The wind rustles the leaves. Ripples spread out across the water. A message moves through them - a prophecy. The call beckons the Oracle, messenger of the goddesses, to answer it.

The Oracle is dug up from the wet earth, glistening in her adornments and clutching an intricate silver ring to her heart.

Her eyes have an otherworldly white glow. She has no pupils because she doesn't see things the way mere mortals do.

She raises the ring to her eyes and peers into the face of the gemstones, searching the surface for what the goddesses wish to say.

Multi gemstone moonstone ring

“Soon…” she whispers. “Soon the goddesses will return and reveal the heavenly gifts they have in store for us.”


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